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One hundred years ago Capalbio was a land of robbers and bandits while today it is one of the favourite holiday spots for Italian and international VIPs. From the heights of a hill smothered in the green vegetation of the Mediterranean “macchia” and surrounded by strong walls Capalbio looks down over the plain leading our gaze over a large part of the coast on the boundary between Tuscany and Lazio. It is definitely one of the most inspiring holiday resorts of the whole province.


Capalbio has maintained all the characteristics of a medieval town. Its streets are steep and though remodernised the houses still stand on the original plan of the medieval centre.

The town is surrounded by double fortifying walls; the ones on the inside are embattled and hold the most interesting monument, the “Rocca”, an L-shaped building with tower and closed courtyard dating to the Sienese reconstruction of the 15th century.

The view from the “Rocca” is magnificent. We strongly recommend a walk along the ancient “bastioni” (ramparts) which surround the city. The panorama towards the coast is breathtaking.

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