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Porto Santo Stefano

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Apart from Porto Ercole, the other main town on Argentario is Porto Santo Stefano, a lively bustling port where you can catch the ferry to the neighbouring islands of Giglio and Giannutri.

Although there has been a fishing village here for centuries much of the town was bombed during the war and so had to be recontructed. Cleverly, they used a lot of the old stone for rebuilding which makes its newness far less obvious.

Along the front there is an excellent fish market and a profusion of restaurants, as well as the marina, where you can admire beautiful yachts and luxurious gin-palaces.

It is the perfect place for a passegiata – the Italian word for taking a stroll while watching the world go by.

Things to see in Porto Santo Stefano

  • The Spanish Fortress, which rises in the higher part of the residential quarter, which was built in the early 17th century
  • The "Lungomare" (seaside promenade) designed by Giugario in 1983
  • Piazza delle Meraviglie in front of the Town Council Building (Palazzo del Comune)

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